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The Whitepaper provides comprehensive information about Thetan Rivals, including gameplay and other game-wise features such as the ecosystem, token economy, and especially the NFTs. It also shows details and progression regarding the development, creative, and consulting teams. The whitepaper helps players keep up with the further development of Thetan Rivals.

Notice and Disclaimer: The Thetan Rivals team will constantly update this whitepaper. The objective of all changes is to update the game content and improve the quality and sustainability of the project.

Update Version 105128

This November, let’s gear up for extreme excitement in Thetan Rivals with the introduction of two brand-new game modes: Bungee Buddies and Climb Up Mode.

In Bungee Buddies, the game will let you engage in a thrilling experience as you will be connected with a random player by an elastic string. Cooperation is key as you and your partner must move in sync to progress. Moreover, the players in this mode can also hit/attack/charge the others with a funny-looking weapon, knocking them out of the race. But keep in mind that the weapon needs recharging after each hit, so use it wisely. Get ready, as only three pairs can emerge victorious!

Meanwhile, Climb Up Mode presents a solo challenge. The map of this mode is built with obstacles from other maps, creating an elevated path. The player needs to keep going up without falling. Simple? We think not! This mode will surely give you an adrenaline rush.

And last but not least, we're thrilled to introduce the latest version of Thetan Creator. Now you can show your care and love to your friends' creations by making comments or sharing them. The creations that receive the most likes will be featured on the leaderboard, and selected by the entire player community. Plus, there's a wealth of intriguing content waiting for you to explore!

Release Notes:

  • Player Profile

  • Design Contest

  • Event Game Modes

  • Updated Town's features

  • Fixed bugs

  • Optimized Game

  • Improved UI/UX

  • Updated content

Official Launch (Oct 2023)

Today, we are excited to introduce Thetan Rivals, a new game in the Thetan World ecosystem. Thetan Rivals is a different game genre from Thetan Arena, as it is an Action game.

Wolffun Games has been working on Thetan Rivals for a year (2022-2023) and has tested it in Alpha, Beta, and Soft Launch stages to improve and optimize the game. Thetan Rivals uses Thetan's IP with familiar characters from Thetan Arena, such as Raidon, Cala, Kongkey, Serp, and Phoenix... but they have a different design style.

Thetan Rivals is a game world where Poto 'da. Bear makes the rules. Poto's race is a fun and exciting way to solve challenges and win rewards. Poto gives three Maps a Round for players to challenge themselves at different levels.

The rules are simple, like the Squid Game series on Netflix: survive to win, enjoy the challenges, and earn big prizes. Players have to beat the challenges and the opponents, and reach the finish line first or last the longest. It's Easy to Play, but Hard to Master.

Thetan Creator is a special app for Thetan Rivals players. You can use it to make your own unique skins or customize existing ones from the Marketplace. Imagine having hundreds of Theions with their own Guild skin, or being recognized by your special skin.

Thetan Rivals has no limits. New game modes and maps will come in later updates, along with Party, Guild, and Tournament features.

Experience Thetan Rivals in your own style and be the best!

Official launch - Release notes

  • Lobby: a zone where you can challenge yourself with tasks and get prizes, or hang out with your pals

  • Thenion skins & evolution

  • More than 20 Maps in 03 Game modes

  • More than 10 languages

  • Special Events & Personal Events

  • User profile (Wolffun ID) & Achievements

  • Leaderboard

  • Daily Quest

  • Season Pass

  • Ranking Rewards

  • Tournament (coming soon)

The Jul 2023 - Patch Notes

We are excited to announce the latest update for the Soft Launch 3 version before the next major release (Soft Launch 4) next month, which brings you a lot of improvements in UI, UX, Art, and technical aspects. In this update, you will enjoy:

  • A sleek and modern UI design that enhances your user experience and makes navigation easier.

  • A smoother and faster UX that improves performance and Sfx.

  • A stunning Art improvement that showcases our creativity and attention to detail.

  • A robust and reliable technical framework that fixes bugs and ensures stability.

  • New updates: Notification, Features, Game Modes, Maps

We hope you love this update as much as we do. Thank you for your continued support and feedback.Release notes:


  • Daily Quest Update

  • Onboarding and tutorial content update


  • Improve VFX / Outline screen/animation

  • Notification updates

  • UI fixes

  • Sfx improves

  • Maps' art has major improvements & polish


  • UX changes

  • User camera and auto camera

  • Optimize Game Control

  • Improve Game feel & interactive


  • Optimize game modes (Sunday Park, Big Wheel, WaterFall Climb, Spin Around, Gear Box, Obstacle Racing, Zigzag Climb, Roll Along!, Maze Falls Light, Big Cannon, Scoring Area, Hot Potato, Laser Dance,...)

  • Features Update

Version 20230606 (Soft Launch 3)

NEW SEASON: FAIRY TALES - Embark on a magical journey in Fairy Tale’s new season! Discover exclusive characters, unlock special cosmetics, and many new challenges are waiting for you to explore.


  • Roll Along!

  • Sunday Park

  • Spin Around

  • Zigzag Climb

  • Gear Box

  • Baggage Claim

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  • Party: Join forces with friends! Invite them to battle alongside you and conquer challenges together as a united force.

  • News: Stay updated with daily news! Get the latest game information, updates, and announcements to enhance your gaming experience.

  • Referral Friend: Share the joy of our game! Invite others to download and play and receive rewarding benefits as a token of appreciation.

  • Localization: Enjoy the game in your language! We now offer localized languages to provide players with a more immersive and inclusive experience worldwide.


  • Enhance in-game Music + SFX

  • Improve UI/UX

  • Update Onboarding

  • Enhance gameplay experience and bug fixes


Version 202304 (Soft Launch 2)

For the first time in Thetan Rivals, Thenions will be able to understand the feeling of getting lost in a maze while finding their way of escaping, in addition to finding out what it is like to run down the snowy (literally) path. Yet those are just the tip of the iceberg, as Space Adventure will come with plenty of new modes and maps, listed as follow:

New modes

  • Unsteady Pallet

  • Mysterious Path

New maps

  • Seesaw Park

  • Big Wheel Road

  • Waterfall Run

  • Ski Run

  • Greenfield

Season Pass: Space Adventure is bringing you tons of new cosmetics to make the gaming experience in Thetan Rivals more well-rounded.


Version 2022.9: Open Beta - Hello World

Notice: The Open Beta is only for Indonesian users who are using Indonesian IPs.

The Open Beta is completely free for players to participate in and experience gameplay. You don't need money, tokens, or NFT items to join the Open Beta.

Thetan Rivals' Official Website:

Official News:


Achievements / Earning

The Open Beta is only purposeful for testing and experiencing gameplay before the Official launches. Players will have a new start when participating in the Official version.

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