Thetan Rivals
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Currencies & User Points

Thetan Rivals has different types of in-game rewards that players need to know according to their needs.

Rival Buck

  • Rival Buck is used to buy Boxes, Thenions, Event Pass, & many other items from the Shop.
  • Players receive Rival Buck from special events, or purchase from the Shop.

Rival Gold

  • Players get Rival Gold from Boxes, ranking rewards, events, and even town activities.
  • It is used to purchase Boxes and Skins and non-premium class items.

Season Point

  • Season Point can be earned by playing matches, and completing quests & in special events.
  • Season points are used to buy items from Season Pass.


  • Enhancers are used to evolve Thenions.
  • Enhancers can be found in Boxes, special events, and town activities.


  • Collect EXP to proceed to higher tiers in Season Pass.
  • Exp can be earned by playing matches, as a free daily reward in the Shop, by visiting town & some other activities.


  • The trophy can be earned by playing matches.
  • Accumulate Trophies to reach higher Ranks & unlock Ranking Rewards.