The primary character system of Thetan Rivals is Thenions, along with Thetan Arena Heroes. Users can acquire them through in-game packages or the Thetan Creator app.

Instead of the Thetan heroes in Thetan Arena, players will take control of Thenions, the mini version of the heroes, to participate in the races in Thetan Rivals. Each of these Thenions will have its own design and walk the players through the toughest challenges in the game.

Players can feel free to do whatever they are pleased with the Thenions, be it jumping, sprinting, evading obstacles, pushing opponents off the edge, or everything necessary to become the last man standing in the game. These Thenions will open the door to tons of fun and memorable moments in Thetan Rivals for all players.

Players will be able to purchase and store Thenions as digital assets for several purposes.

Furthermore, players can customize their Thenions using the Thetan Creator app within our ecosystem, enabling them to maximize the uniqueness of their skins.

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