The Ranking is a system that sorts players' ranks based on the trophies they get in matches. The goal is to create groups of players with the same standards of skills in order to get battles with great quality. The Ranking also helps others recognize top players' achievements.

  1. Tutorial

  2. Recruit

  3. Private

  4. Bronze

  5. Silver

  6. Golden

  7. Platinum

  8. Diamond

  9. Master

  10. Champion

How to Rank up

Players will participate in battles and receive trophies based on the results of those battles. Players will rank up when reaching a specific amount of trophies. ‌

Ranking Rewards

The process of ranking up helps players receive many valuable rewards. The higher the orders, the more valuable the rewards are.

The rank reset at the beginning of the season will also reset the rewards from XXXXXXXXX and above, which gives players more opportunities to receive more rewards.

Ranking auto-reset

Players' rankings will be reset at the start of a new season (one season lasts three months).

The auto-reset will follow the rules:

  • Players from the XXXXXXX rank and above will reset to the beginning of the XXXXX.

  • Players with ranks below the XXXXXXX will not be reset.

This reset process aims to give higher-ranked players more motivation to continue to rank up at the start of the new season. And players at lower ranks have the opportunity to access higher ranks.

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