The Team

One of the most hard-working teams on the planet, and since working is so fun, they seem to never get enough of it.

Developed by the same team as Thetan Arena, it's Wolffun Game. The game development team was founded in 2014 under the name of Wolffun, with a specialty in Online PvP games for mobile platforms. We started small with only four members developing casual games. Since 2015, we have been concentrating more on the mid-core action genre and have published "Tank Raid Online" - our very first game title in the action genre. The game has been a success attracting more than 12M players to date. It is still known and loved worldwide and has achieved many prizes since its launch, including Google Editors' Choice.

During 2021-2022, Thetan Arena takes the spotlight in the Gamefi industry with 24+ million users. The Thetan Arena's community keeps growing, and the game keeps updated by the Dev team.

We all share a burning passion for video games and dedicate our lives to making unique mobile games that can bring the best experiences to our users. Through our mutual love for games, we are connected as a team and have developed a habit of doing other wonderful things together.

We are delighted to create products that contribute to the joy of people all over the world

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