Thetan Rivals

Thetan Rivals is a Multiplayer party royale, from thrilling races to hilarious activities including stumble, run, dodge, slide, jump, and fall; all of them will bring you a lot of excitement and fun, which will level up your gaming experience like never before! It’s also a brand new level of fun and games for Thetan Arena players.

When facing brand new challenges and ridiculous obstacles in a chaotic battle royale, you might even get lost and will have to find a way to knock out your rivals to take home the well-earned prizes.

Double fun with your friends

Grab your friends, family, or even some random dudes and take part in various exciting activities with 24 players to find out the ultimate winner.

Easy to Play

Blast your way against 24 other players each match with battle royale-style gameplay. Dash, run and jump to overcome the obstacles. Don’t fall and be the last man standing by using your flexible skills.

Various Game Modes

Massively multiplayer party knockout game & social system. Lots of cute characters and stylish costumes. Various game modes, including Obstacle Racing, Hot Potato, Green Light Red Light, Laser Dance, and Tile Fall. Stunning graphics. Challenge yourself through plenty of levels.

Are you ready to fight for the crown as the ultimate player in this knockout arena? Hop on the ride and embark on the new journey with Thetan Rivals! Lots of exciting experiences are waiting for you.

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