1. How to download Thetan Rivals?

Thetan Rivals is the ultimate party and fun-filled adventure, perfect for players of all ages. Join the charming Thenions in a vibrant 3D world, where thrilling races and hilarious knockout challenges await you and your friends. Express your unique style with a plethora of cute skins and cosmetics.

  • Please visit [here] to download.

  1. Where Can I Access Information About Rivals?

For comprehensive information about Thetan Rivals, please refer to the following resources:

  1. How to create a Wolffun ID?

It's easy to create a Wolffun ID account.

Open Thetan Rivals on a mobile device> select "Register" and fill in the email address > click "Send code" to create an account. It takes a few seconds to receive the registration code in your email (if you haven't seen it yet, you may need to check the Spam mailbox). Enter the code > "Create Account".

Important Note

Wolffun ID is permanently tied to your wallet account. You cannot change the wallet address of your Wolffun ID once connected. We do not support cases where the player loses their wallet, has their accounts hacked, or for other reasons wants to change the wallet address for their Wolffun ID account. Therefore, please secure your wallet and Wolffun ID account safely.

  1. What is a guest account?

A guest account is an account within a game that is not linked to a Wolffun ID account. With a guest account, all game progress and data are stored locally on your device. However, it's crucial to be aware that this data is not backed up on external servers.

This means that if you ever reinstall your phone's operating system or manually delete game-related files from your device, all the game data associated with the guest account will be permanently erased, and there won't be a way to recover it. Therefore, it's recommended to consider linking your game account to your Wolffun ID account, to safeguard your progress.

  1. Restricting users to log in from multiple accounts.

We would like to inform you that due to specific policies implemented by Thetan Rivals, it is only possible to log in with a maximum of two accounts on the same device. This restriction is in line with the policies and guidelines set by Thetan Rivals to ensure fair and secure gameplay for all users. Please be mindful of this limitation when attempting to use multiple accounts on a single device.

  1. Change the email address for your account

We appreciate your request, but we regret to inform you that linking multiple emails to a single Thetan Rivals account is not currently feasible. Due to specific technical policies, we can only link one email per account, and changing the associated email is not possible at this time.

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