Play to Earn

Thetan Rivals is a part of the Thetan World ecosystem. This means you can earn in Thetan Rivals by using Thetan World NFTs.


The play-to-earn (P2E) model within Web3 gaming offers exciting possibilities but also faces significant challenges.

For Web3 Players (Investors):

  • Sustainable Game Mechanics and Profitability: Investors require robust game mechanics that generate sustainable in-game economies to justify investment.

  • Inflation Risk and Player Loyalty: Uncontrolled inflation within the game's tokenomics can deter long-term investment from loyal Web3 players, hindering the ecosystem's health.

For GameFi Projects:

  • Effective Tokenomics Design: Developing effective tokenomic models is crucial for balancing player rewards, in-game utility, and overall project sustainability.

  • Balancing Development Costs and Engaging Gameplay: Creating high-quality, engaging gameplay experiences can be expensive. Striking a balance between development costs and engaging gameplay is vital for success.

  • Security Concerns: Cheating and hacking remain significant challenges in the Web3 gaming space, potentially undermining the integrity of the entire system.

For Traditional Game Studios:

  • Entry Barriers: The transition to Web3 development presents challenges for traditional game studios, including high development costs and expensive marketing strategies.

  • Economic Integration: Merging traditional in-game economies with blockchain-based elements requires careful consideration to ensure a smooth and cohesive user experience.

  • App Store Distribution: Navigating app store policies regarding blockchain and crypto-related content can pose hurdles for Web3 game releases.

For Traditional Gamers:

Limited Appeal: The current state of P2E games may not hold sufficient appeal for traditional gamers, potentially due to a perceived lack of entertainment value or the complexity associated with blockchain technology.

Our Offers

Thetan World offers a comprehensive ecosystem designed to empower gamers, investors, and game developers within the Web3 gaming landscape.

Our innovative NFT system and optimized economic model provide a foundation for a thriving in-game marketplace. Gamers can leverage Thetan World to access a diverse library of games across various genres, with the potential to earn while they play. Furthermore, NFT ownership grants access to customization tools, allowing players to unleash their creativity and personalize their in-game assets. Investors can participate through NFT and equipment trading, moreover, there will also portfolio management tool to handle tracking their investments. To avoid complexity, Thetan Gate (SDK) provides a streamlined path for Web2 projects to integrate into the exciting world of Web3 gaming. Thetan World stands out as a one-stop shop for everyone participating in the play-to-earn revolution.

NFT 2.0 System

In the NFT 2.0 system, each Thetan Box carries a Blank NFT. To start earning, users MUST mount their Blank NFT, which means the Mounting process unlocks the NFT’s earning ability. And this Mounting process is the process where users attach a number of tokens to their Blank NFT. Voilà! You’ve got a Mounted NFT now! If users don’t mount their NFT, they can’t be transferred or sold. To apply the Play-to-Earn mechanism, Grind your NFT across games in the Thetan World ecosystem. Moreover, users can even unleash their creativity by customizing their NFTs with Thetan Creator.

Thetan Box

Thetan Boxes are your gateway to acquiring NFT heroes in Thetan World's Marketplace. These boxes come in various rarities (common, epic, rare, and legendary), with the price reflecting the potential value of the hero inside. Opening a Thetan Box is an exciting adventure, presenting players with the chance to discover a random Blank NFT from one of Thetan World's three captivating realms: Thetan Arena, Thetan Rivals, and Thetan Immortal.

Blank NFT

On Marketplace, once an NFT collection is released, each NFT will be sold through the Thetan Box system. These boxes come in common, epic, rare, and legendary rarities. The rarity of the box you purchase determines the likelihood of obtaining a higher-rarity NFT hero inside. In simpler terms, rarer boxes offer a better chance of getting valuable heroes.

*Please note that a Blank NFT is still playable. However, to earn from it, this NFT needs to be mounted first.

Mounted NFT

Mounting is a process where you attach THG to an NFT to increase the value of the NFT and make it a Mounted NFT.

Each NFT has a specific Mount Value Requirement, which limits the amount of tokens that can be attached to an NFT. Furthermore, in addition to the amount of tokens you use to put into the NFT, you will also be rewarded with a Mount Bonus.

This bonus comes from the initial reward pool (Creator To Earn Pool), which is recorded in the token metrics.

Once an NFT is mounted, users can Grind it (more details below) to earn. Plus, Mounted NFT can also be traded on Thetan World Marketplace.

Remember that the Mounting process is the only way to unlock the NFT’s earning ability!

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