Play-and-Earn Mechanism

Grind to earn

Thetan World's Play-and-Earn mechanism revolves around the concept of "Grinding," which involves utilizing Mounted NFTs to earn rewards in the form of THG tokens. This process is facilitated through participation in various games integrated within the Thetan World ecosystem. The amount of THG rewards earned through Grinding is determined by two key factors: NFT rarity and initial THG quantity. The system will provide you with a table with all the necessary information such as Grind Hour, Grind Stage, Grind Ability, Equipment Effect, and Grind Reward so that you can track your progress.

  • Grind Stage:

  • Grind Ability

Grind Ability is a key feature of Mounted NFTs in Thetan World, determining their earning potential. It's calculated as 70% of the NFT's base ability plus the Equipment Effect.

  • Equipment Effect

Beyond NFT heroes themselves, equipment plays a crucial role in optimizing a player's earning potential within Thetan World. Each NFT possesses six equipment slots, encompassing attire (hat, coat, glove, trousers, shoes) and a weapon.

These items come in four distinct rarity levels compatible with NFT’s rarities: Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common, and these items are categorized into three levels, indicated by a star ranking system. NFT rarity will only be compatible with equipment of the same rarity and will depend on the items required by that NFT.

Since NFT’s Grind Ability is calculated as 70% of the NFT's base ability plus the Equipment Effect. The star-ranking level of an equipped item directly impacts the NFT’s Grind Ability.

A detailed breakdown of the Equipment Effect is available in the below table.

Currently, equipment items can only be acquired through Lucky Spin. You can also search for items on Marketplace. However, compatible ones are not always there. Therefore, keep grinding to get spins!

Once you equip an equipment to your NFT, it cannot be unequipped. Choose wisely!

  • Current Grind Reward

In Thetan World, an NFT is used to grind across games integrated into the system. However, the NFT’s appearance is only visible in its own game. For example, if you own an NFT hero from Thetan Rivals, that NFT’s appearance won’t be visible in Thetan Arena.

Here is a calculation table for equipping all six equipment slots with the highest effect (3 stars):

Grind Payback Period: This indicates the number of days to fully grind mounted THG from NFT, limited to 1 hour daily. If you grind your NFT without equipment, its lifetime is still deducted. Once its lifetime runs out, users can’t use it to earn any more.

Mount Value Requirement: The amount of THG to be staked into an NFT for mounting.

Mounting Bonus: The bonus percentage an NFT receives based on luck when mounting.

Grind Reward/hour: Total THG received per hour when Grinding NFT through gameplay.

Est ROI: Est ROI is calculated assuming average Mounting Bonus and Spin Rewards for a fully equipped NFT. Actual ROI may vary.

Spin To Earn

After an hour of grinding one or many NFTs, players are eligible for a single spin. Received spins will be also shown on Marketplace. Earned spins could be cumulative and redeemed later.

This way, users can spin to have chances to get equipment items, tournament tickets, and many more tempting prizes.

Keep in mind that all of our features are always improved to get the best experience. Stay tuned for more updates!

Tournament to Earn

Thetan World's Tournaments are more than just events - they're your chance to elevate your gameplay and compete for glorious prizes.

Sharpen your skills, take on exciting new challenges, and battle your way to the top of the Leaderboard in these thrilling live-ops events. Tournament tickets are your key to unlocking these competitive clashes.

Stay tuned to Thetan World's official channels for more information. Don't miss out - these tournaments are coming soon!

Thetan Gate (SDK): Bridging the Gap Between Web2 and Web3 Gaming

Thetan World is revolutionizing the gaming landscape by fostering a seamless bridge between traditional Web2 games and the exciting world of Web3. Through Thetan Gate, a powerful integration tool, Web2 game developers can unlock the potential of Web3 for their existing titles with just a few lines of code. This integration opens doors to innovative features like: play & earn mechanics, and enhanced player engagement. Thetan World prioritizes captivating gameplay at its core. Our vision is to cultivate a diverse library of games brimming with rich features and robust PvP (Player versus Player) capabilities. For gamers, Thetan Gate serves as a user-friendly guide to navigate the platform, discover a plethora of games, and unlock the exciting earning potential of Web3 gaming.

Stay Informed, Stay Engaged.

Thetan World is constantly evolving! Keep a close eye on their official channels for upcoming updates and exciting developments.

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